Interview to Jan Rezab, co-Founder and CEO of

Interview to Jan Rezab, co-Founder and CEO of

by Jack Hernandez for / Published on November 6, 2014

Socialbakers is a company offering monitoring and tracking tools for analysis of social networks that are used for comparing social media stats and metrics.

You Co-Founded Social Bakers, how did start?

It’s been a long 6 years. We started 6 years ago as a social media marketing agency. We were building apps for facebook to help marketers, as we build those, we discover the results were generating the results nobody knew how to measure. We decided to build a tool for our clients and our clients loved it! We were the first company to do real time day by day of real social analytics. Social is a fast moving place and things change several times a day. Our website has about a million visits per month. Is crazy the amount.

How do you you measure apps?

Well, I think apps were a great thing a few years ago. I think first you need to measure the community and the news feed. Social media became more about content. There might be a return into social media. Is going to be different.

Have you seen any growth in Latin America?

In general it depends and varies by brand. In Brazil, some brands have an amazing engagement, than there other brands that don’t do so well. We have 25% of our clients from Latin America. In Mexico and Sao Paulo social media is big. Users now have the chance to build their content out, a great example is that of YouTube, for every 1,000 views you get 1 dollar, if you get a few millions of views, it can turn into a good payout.

Are there any big competitors in the web analytic industry of Latin America?

The analytics industry is very competitive. You have to offer a unique product and a unique edge.

Whats the future for SocialBakers?

We are re-launching the website. We announced this 3 months ago and our main product suite analytics is out in beta mode for some clients. A huge amount of time will also be spent in acquisitions.