Interview with Joao Ciaco, Director of Publicity and Relationship Marketing Latam, FIAT at Festival of Media 2014

By Jack Hernandez for

How do you see the Latin American market in terms of managing a marketing campaign for the region?

I think we are one of the most connected regions in terms of social media. I strengthen, thou, probably we should have the right API’s and measurements. We have to consider now a days that international brands have to be connected with the similar measurements as anywhere else. We are getting faster in terms of speed and figures. It is much better. I like the things that we are doing. Things in Brazil. Things in Chile. The kind of things they are exporting. A lot of things going on in the region. It is good . We saw Unilever, the beauty campaign here at the conference for instance, that’s a great example.

How does a global brand like FIAT handle differences in Culture? You have Brazilians, Colombians, Argentinians, although some share the same language they have different backgrounds?

To put all the cultures together is not easy. Of course we know their behavior. We need to understand what kind of values they share. What their culture is? We need to target to all kinds of lives and lifestyles. Argentina is different from Chile and Mexico, even though they are all native spanish speakers. Putting them together and basically segmenting their similarities, if you consider, there is a same common that makes for the majority of the people. If we can localize the country first it makes a difference. Having a head. If this head is common for everybody? We have to work with this head and we work in the local development implementing their voice and their culture in order that it make’s sense for the other countries as well. Creating this general work that works for everybody and that makes sense is the key. For instance we have so many different Brazilians in Brazil. Even inside our country it could be applied. In Brazil we have different regions. Finding whats common and implementing it throughout the regions. This even allows us to launch it in other countries afterward. If you have a product what’s the link to those values and if it’s ok for the same campaign to target the same culture.

Can you tell us about the latest campaigns?

The UNO campaign working with the music happy. The concept and the relation is so happy. The car brings happiness to the consumer. We have a high end car. We have one of of the most technologically advanced cars in the line of the products.  The new features that it represents. Stop and Drive. The first car produced in Brazil. In all means, it bring happiness. All the new colorful car’s in Brazil. How your life can bring you happiness. It made sense to use the concept of FIAT 500 in the USA.  How happy are you? Through the ‘How happy campaign’, we can note the same link, the same product and the same happiness. This was the kind of approach. If this makes sense we can opt for different products using the same communication but different execution in social media. We can maximize the production of the campaign.

How do you see the growth of digital in Latin America?

Some specific areas are growing. Social media, that’s growing. We are trying to evolve more and more in digital. Pay TV, sometimes, direct marketing, sometimes, but as media mix it is growing significantly.

Anything else you like to share.

How social media can engage people without having any marketing intention. When you see the Pope arrive in a FIAT car. We saw the Pope in a FIAT car. The immediate reaction was to create a campaign doing our marketing advertisement related to the initiative, The Pope is using our car. Let the people create the content. Even social media. It was fantastic. It was the astonishing the number of likes. Good idea on tv even CNN were talking about it. Let people engage in the subjects.

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