The Deceptive practices of Online e-commerce companies like EBAY!

By Jack Hernandez for

I am actually writing this article due to something that happen recently. I went on EBAY and listed some items for sale due to a promotion that said free 50 listings. Turns out the listing is free but you have to pay for when it sells. To make things even worst, I even got charged for shipping, which the buyer and myself completely paid on our own apart from Ebay. Tell me how this is not deceptive? I even got charged .60 cents for shipping! Well tell me if cents don’t add up. Add millions of cents from million customers, and you will find out how this deceptive practice is a complete ripoff!

  1. Ebay should list that in the promotion itself and not use their defense that people should click on read more to find out about all charges. This is deceptive. Also they should not be charging anything relating to shipping!

Just look at it for your self, screen shots of the transactions: