The effects of social media in society?

By Jack Hernandez for

What are the effects of social media? In this changing and complex world we are living in, social media has taken course to be the new mass media. Persons need to have a social profile to find jobs. Businesses need to create a business profile. Even, the department of Immigration has changed it’s rules to now look into social media profiles of applicants. But beyond this concept, we can take a look into the good and bad of social media.


  1. It’s makes us all easily to be connected or reach.
  2. It’s free! (most of the cases)
  3. It enable us to freely express who we are.
  4. It’s great for networking.
  5. Great for staying up to date with the latest news and trends.
  6. Open access to anything!


  1. People are suffering from anxiety and depression.
  2. People are getting addicted and wasting a lot of time in it.
  3. Hackers can easily look into targets and do a lot of harm.
  4. People can become vulnerable to predators.
  5. There is no right/wrong and people some times tend to express negative ideas and thoughts.
  6. Causes isolation as it disconnects you from reality (sometimes).

What do you all think of this post? Let me know of your comments and ideas!

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