Video Games Live is a must experience if you are both a music and video game fan! Interview with its Founder and Creator Tommy Tallarico

by Jack Hernandez For

I was invited to attend Video Games Live at The Kravis Center in West Palm Beach and after experiencing the show all I have to comment is: You have to go see it! Go experience it. If it comes to a city near you, go and get your tickets. Take my word on it. I met up with it’s Executive Producer and Founder, Tommy Tallarico, who for the past 20 years or more has been writing video games music and we spoke about what Video Games Live show is all about. Lets get to what our talk was all about:

Tommy Tallarico, Producer of Video Games Live .

How did you come up with the idea to produce the show?

I been a video game composer and I wanted to create a show for everyone to enjoy. Not a lot of people could afford to attend a live symphony concert, now they are able to.

You brought two worlds together: Video games and music together combined in a live musical performance. How could you describe this?

Music is an important part of the interactive experience. When you play a video game you become the character. The music it becomes the soundtrack of your life just as when you are watching a movie. When you are playing a video game…that is your music…when you open a hidden treasure and it plays the victory song you have an emotional attachment to the music. Music in games is more important than any other form of entertainment!

Out of all the tracks that are performed, which one is the most memorable?

Final Fantasy, but probably Mario. Even people who’ve never play Mario ask for it. Mario is the most recognizable song of the whole show.

Has this open the door for you in any other artistic way?

Yes. I am now producing about 5 or 6 shows different shows similar to Video Games Live. I am working on a music movie show also. Yeah it has without question.

I know this production has tour all over the US. Any plans to take this tour international?

We’ll be visiting China a whole month and also Europe. We will be visiting countries like Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, England, The Netherlands, we’ll also be taking the show all over the place from Dubai and United Arab Emirates, to South Africa, and also touring all over in Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, and Turkey. One of my favorite stops is Italy since I am 100% Italian.

Anything additional you like to share?

Most of the crowd, 60% to 70% are from the ages 18 to 35.  Heard guys only play video games?…completely not true! About 40% of our audience is female. You can also bring your kids. You don’t have to play video games to understand the show. Some of the best emails I get are from people who’d experience the show live and who are non-gamers. Grandparents bring their kids to the symphony. With Video Games Live a lot has change. You now see young people coming to see a live symphony.

Tommy Tallarico, Producer of Video Games Live .

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